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Hydraulic Modeling of the City's Water Supply and Distribution Infrastructure

Boomi worked directly with the agency's Chief Engineer office to validate the existing hydraulic models of the City's Water Supply and Distribution system.

Project Owner

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) - Office of Chief Engineer (OACE)

Project Location

New York City

Project Context

New York City's (NYC) water supply and distribution network is one of the most extensive and complex municipal water systems in the world. Over a billion gallons of water is distributed from Croton, Catskills, and Delaware systems through a combination of hydraulic structures including aqueducts, dams, reservoirs, and tunnels and approximately 6,700 miles of watermains.

Boomi’s hydraulic modelers are liaising directly with DEP’s OACE in validating the following three existing hydraulic models of the NYC water supply and distribution system:
1. From upstate New York to Kensico Reservoir,
2. From Kensico Reservoir to Hillview Reservoir, and
3. From Hillview Reservoir to the City water distribution network.

Project Challenge

The existing hydraulic models of the system were carrying some legacy data which did not accurately reflect the current operating conditions of the system. Since the models were developed a few years ago, the agency staff using the models were facing difficulty in navigating different modules of the model.

Our Solution

As a first step, Boomi updated the first two models to reflect current operational conditions. Secondly, we designed user-friendly interfaces in the spreadsheet models, which enhanced both the accuracy of model results and the overall ease of model use.

The enhanced interfaces increased the efficiency of analysis by extracting the output flows and hydraulic grade lines for easy reference. We also provided hands-on training and handholding to the client's in-house staff, along with step-by-step modeling user manuals.

Project Gallery

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