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Environmental Solutions

Various legal and policy frameworks have evolved since the beginning of the environmental movement in the United States in the 1960s, and the requirements of these frameworks pose a wide range of challenges to program owners. Boomi’s environmental solutions for water infrastructure projects are geared towards supporting the program owners and prime contractors in addressing these challenges by turning them into opportunities to find viable solutions. 

Our team brings an in-depth understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to various environmental regulations including: National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Superfund law etc. We also understand the increasing effects of climate change at a local level and are experts in providing solutions that build resilience of our local communities in dealing with the risks posed by climate change.

Complementing this is our teams’ experience with the commonly used industry frameworks such as the LEED framework for building projects and the ENVISION framework for infrastructure projects.

Climate Resiliency

  • Coastal Resiliency Planning and Design

  • Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Planning

  • Cloudburst Management Planning and Design

  • Flood Risk Mitigation Planning and Design

  • Urban Heat Island Mitigation Planning


  •         Sustainability Consulting for Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Projects

  •         LEED Certification Support

  •         ENVISION Certification Support

Environmental Impact Assessments (EA/EIS)

Environmental Sampling and Remediation Planning

Featured Projects

Find out more about the Environmental Solutions we have offered in some of our recent projects here:

Project 1_edited.jpg

East Side Coastal Resiliency 

Project 1_edited.jpg

Citywide Stormwater Resiliency

Project 1_edited.jpg

Flood Risk Modeling and Resilience Planning (RISE: NYC Program)

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