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Infrastructure Advisory Services

Large scale public works including the water/wastewater utilities and other environmental services are better managed as programs rather than managing the individual project components in silos. By managing the interdependencies between the program components, a program-oriented approach provides the possibility of achieving synergy. The downside of this approach is the range of complexities and challenges that needs to be managed carefully by program owners. 

Boomi’s team provides consulting services to the program owners in this complex pursuit of efficient program management. Our team’s sound technical knowledge and specialized expertise in managing infrastructure projects and programs, enables us to add value to our client’s projects and programs. 

With qualified Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping experts, certified PMPs (Project Management Professionals), and certified construction inspectors and field staff we are currently offering the following Infrastructure Advisory Services:

Advisory Services

  • Regulatory Compliance Support

    • MS4 Program, LTCP, TMDL, FEMA Approval etc.

  • GIS Mapping/Analysis

  • Asset Management

  • Project Management

  • Program Management

  • Construction Management Support

Featured Projects

Find out more about the Infrastructure Advisory Services we have offered in some of our recent projects here:

Project 1_edited.jpg

Pollution Prevention & Good Housing, MS4 Program Support

Project 1_edited.jpg

Technical Support for Newtown Creek and Gowanus Canal Superfund Projects

Project 1_edited.jpg

Assessment of Impacts of I-80 Expansion on City's Long-Term Control Plan

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