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One Water Solutions

Water is an integral part of our ecosystem. Effectively managing this finite resource to maximize socio-economic wellbeing, while preserving it for future generations, is a major challenge faced by policy makers at federal, state, and municipal agencies.

Boomi offers unparalleled experience and expertise in providing efficient and cost-effective water, wastewater, and stormwater solutions for a variety of these challenges. Our “One Water” approach allows us to focus on developing innovative, reliable, and resilient water systems within the entire water cycle. We primarily offer the following service areas to holistically manage our water resources.

Planning Services

  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic (H&H) Modeling/Analysis

  • Water Quality/Hydrodynamic Modeling/Analysis

  • Integrated Watershed Management/TMDLs

  • Combined/Separate Sewer Overflow (CSO/SSO) Program Support

  • Stormwater Planning/Management

  • Green Infrastructure (GI) Planning/Management

Design Services

  • Facility Planning, Design, and Design Support During Construction (DSDC) for Water/Wastewater Infrastructure

  • Pump Station Concept and Detailed Design

  • Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) Components Design

  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling/Analysis

Featured Projects

Find out more about the One Water Solutions we have offered in some of our recent projects here:

Project 1_edited.jpg

Facility Planning, Design and Design Services During Construction (DSDC) for Bronx River CSO LTCP

Project 1.2-GIRD.png

Green Infrastructure Research and Development (GIRD)

Project 1.3-Gowanus_NC.png

Hydraulic Modeling of City's Water Supply and Distribution Systems

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